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The Scrambled Egg is dedicated to sharing ideas and strategies covering everything about sales and sales management.

While a career in sales is one of the largest career paths, there is very little formal training and education around the field. Many sales professionals are underestimated in the amount of creativity, strategy and calculation it takes to be a top performer, in addition to creating and managing top performers. Sales professionals are largely to blame for being underrated.

Many of us are familiar with cultures where we hide our special sauce and don’t share techniques with one another. Some sales professionals also feel the need to apologize to our friends, family and prospects for our vocation.

I want to flip this inside out. It’s time to stop hoarding secrets, apologizing and working in isolation. In the age of information, we need to share our methods and work in tandem to facilitate our growth. We should no longer apologize for the profession, we’ve chosen but instead be proud of our dedication and work ethic. Knowledge is power and we’ll only gain by sharing.

I created the blog to share ideas and strategies I’ve learned from from my years of work in the field and from personal experiences. My network of colleagues and former colleagues participate in the blog and more of you are welcome to contribute. 

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Each day we should be improving. Enjoy The Scrambled Egg!